At Spotlite, we prioritize quality, sustainability, and innovation in every aspect of our construction projects, from materials to design solutions.


  • Source: Jindal Steel, SAIL
  • Our commitment to quality starts with the selection of premium-grade metals. We rely on trusted suppliers like Jindal Steel and SAIL to provide durable and reliable materials for our construction projects.


  • Source: Ultratech, JK Cement
  • The foundation of every structure is built on quality cement. At Spotlite, we use only the finest cement from industry leaders such as Ultratech and JK Cement, ensuring the strength and longevity of our buildings.


  • Source: Ligero, Philips
  • Illuminating spaces with efficiency and style is essential to our designs. We partner with reputable brands like Ligero and Philips to deliver lighting solutions that enhance aesthetics while minimizing energy consumption.


  • Source: Kohler, Jaquar, Euronics, Ahuja
  • From bathrooms to kitchens, the fixtures we choose define functionality and elegance. Spotlite relies on esteemed brands such as Kohler, Jaquar, Euronics, and Ahuja to provide top-of-the-line fixtures that complement our designs.


  • Source: Asian Paints, Dulux Paints
  • The finishing touches matter, and our choice of paint reflects our commitment to quality and aesthetics. With brands like Asian Paints and Dulux Paints, we ensure vibrant colors and durable finishes that stand the test of time.


  • Source: Jain Marble, Kajaria
  • Flooring and wall tiles play a crucial role in defining the ambiance of a space. Spotlite selects premium tiles from trusted suppliers like Jain Marble and Kajaria, offering a wide range of designs and textures to suit every style.


  • Source: Saint Gobain
  • Transparency and clarity are essential in modern architecture. We partner with Saint Gobain, a global leader in glass manufacturing, to provide high-quality, energy-efficient glass solutions that enhance natural light and aesthetics.



  • Source: Dr. Fixit, Pidilite
  • Protecting structures from water damage is paramount to longevity. Spotlite relies on industry-renowned waterproofing solutions from Dr. Fixit and Pidilite, ensuring buildings remain dry and resilient against the elements.


  • Source: Schindler
  • Vertical transportation is streamlined with reliable and efficient elevator systems. Spotlite trusts Schindler, a leading provider of elevator and escalator solutions, to deliver safe and smooth mobility within our buildings.


  • Source: Green Ply
  • Sustainable and sturdy wood is essential for interior furnishings and structural elements. Spotlite chooses Green Ply, known for its eco-friendly practices and high-quality wood products, to ensure durability and environmental responsibility.


  • Source: Klass Stack Parking
  • Maximizing space efficiency in urban environments is key to our parking solutions. Spotlite incorporates innovative parking systems from Klass Stack Parking, optimizing parking capacity while minimizing footprint.
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